The Top 5 NFL Running Backs In 2011

By Michael Stadlman
November 21, 2011 11:19 pm
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5. Ray Rice
This is my personal favorite in running backs, hes a complete beast. He makes cuts and slashes make things look easy. He was a low scouted running back coming out of Rutgers, but i bet people looking at him now are say "Damn, why didnt i pick him." He is 806-3572-18 in rushing and surpassed 2000 yards receiving last week in a game the ravens lost against the Seahawks. A lot of people might not agree with this and put someone else in the number five spot, and thats fine its only a list.

4. LeSean McCoy
McCoy is a fantasy point beast along with being an all-purpose yard beast, He is just about the only good thing going for the dream turned nightmare Eagles. McCoy is second in the NFL in rushing yards and tied for first in rushing touchdowns. Say what you want, higher or lower, this kid would be picked before a lot of Running backs in the NFL.
His 527-2623-21 would be better if he didnt have to sit behind another great all-purpose yard Running back.

3. Chris Johnson
Yeah, yeah, yeah, Gimme crap about this one if you wish, but he has more rushing yards then any Running back in the past 3 years than any other. He may be having a bad season, but everyone has their cold front, am i right? Johnson is still one of the best dash Running backs in the league, give him space its a touchdown. He is sitting pretty with 1073-5094-36 is on pace for a Hall Of Fame career. He held out, got payed, got cocky, got shut up, simple, but now that he sees whats before him, he is on track for maybe 800 or 850 yards this season.

2. Frank Gore
There shouldnt be any arguements here, this guy performs the best out of any of these Running backs, by that i mean he tries his best all of the time unlike the other 4 of this list. He is a power/speed back which means he can do what Johnson cant, run you over! He doesnt fumble, thats one up on Peterson. he is sitting at 1536-7196-40, which is only 4 more touchdowns the Johnson, and he has 3 more years of experience (Point proven)

1. Adrian Peterson
This one was fairly easy, he is the best overall Running back, no doubt. Compare his to Gore and Johnson's and youll see a huge difference in touchdowns and yards. Being the 7th overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, imagine what the first 6 picks are thinking now. With a stellar career in front of him, he is a first ballot Hall Of Famer, Stats are 1378-6628-62.



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3 years ago
AHHHHH!!!! you left out Steven Jackson. Better than Rice.
3 years ago
No sir, too inconsistent.
3 years ago
I think I'd go Arian Foster at 2, maybe even 1. He was pretty good at UT and I liked watching him, but the guy has been phenomenal the past two seasons for Houston.
3 years ago

Almost made the list, but he needs to Have 3 seasons of beastness in my opinion to be classified as a top 5.
3 years ago
Your list still the same now?
3 years ago

No sir.. No sir.. still have Chris Johnson in it no doubt.
3 years ago

So what does it look like now? Also, the article is titled "best RB's in 2011". What has Chris Johnson done in 2011?
3 years ago

See, it was renamed. i had top 5 active Running backs. But Rice is out-Foster is in. Thats all that changed--- 1. AP 2. Foster 3.CJ 4.LeSean McCoy 5. Frank Gore
3 years ago

Ok, that makes more sense now. Any "honorable mention" players on the list, other than Ray Rice?
3 years ago

Fred Jackson, Marshawn Lynch, and Rashard Mendenhall.
3 years ago

oh and Matt Forte of course.

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