Nebraska at Penn State: 3 Keys To The Game

By Clayton Wert
November 08, 2011 12:48 am
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The Big Ten is now accepting applications for a new front-runner in the conference.  After the Nebraska Cornhuskers (7-2) stunning loss to Northwestern, they head to Happy Valley to play a very strong Penn State Nittany Lions (8-1) team. 
Penn State is the only remaining unbeaten team in conference play, and despite the current sex scandal involving the football program; the Lions plan to remain atop the conference come Saturday.  
Here are three keys to the game:
1)   Penn State needs to bring their dominating defense on Saturday.
The Nittany Lions have somehow managed their way to an 8-1 record, all indications point to the teams dominating defense.  Penn State has found an identity, which is for “Linebacker U” to keep the opposing team away from the end zone until the offense decides to throw a few points on the board.  The Lions are walking the fine line between total domination and conference bottom dwellers with each game.  They have held on strong so far, but with their final stretch of games coming at the hands of Nebraska, Ohio State, and Wisconsin, it’s make it or break it time for the defense.
2)   Silas Redd will have to see the end zone.

If there were any consistency with the Penn State offense this year, it would have to be running back Silas Redd.  He has been electrifying with his five consecutive 100-yard rushing games. Redd has carried the team, he has 1006 yards on 195 carries and without a doubt has been the workhorse of the entire offense.  He will look to continue his 100-yard game streak and find the end zone against the Huskers defense. Penn State has a chance to make history by playing in the first-ever Big Ten Championship Game on Dec. 3. To do that, the team will require their running game to stay strong with Silas Redd at the helm.
3)   The Cornhuskers will have to come in with a clean slate
Without a doubt, Nebraska needs to forget about last week if they want to have any chance at the winning the Legends division and Big Ten Championship.  The Cornhuskers need to come into Happy Valley with the locomotive going full speed down the tracks.  If they can manage to forget about the loss to Northwestern and not let that carry into week 11, the huskers can squeak out a win against a very mediocre 8-1 Penn State team. 
Penn State will see their first real challenge at home since Alabama, and the Cornhuskers have their chance to completely stir the Big Ten pot if they can come out of Happy Valley with a win.  The conference will finally take shape as we creep closer and closer to the first ever Big Ten Championship this December.

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By Clayton Wert
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